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Pasture Manual

This manual is a comprehensive but practical pasture management manual for the three Maritime Provinces. The information and recommendations in the manual have been shown to be effective tools in this region for improving both animal and pasture productivity. The manual is written from the prospective that if you improve the productivity and health of the pasture, then animal productivity will improve. The manual covers a broad range of information including grazing management systems, pasture fertility, fencing, drought management, riparian managment, as well as methods for extending the grazing season.

Funding to produce this manual was provided by the Agri-Futures CARD Councils of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island through a project submitted by the Hants County Soil and Crop Improvement Association and the Hants County Federation of Agriculture in partnership with AgraPoint International.

Please see below for the separate chapters of the manual (should make it easier for downloading and printing purposes). If you should need any assistance, please call 1-866-606-4636 or email us.

Chapter 1: Plant Growth

Chapter 2: Grazing Systems

Chapter 3: Fencing and Livestock Watering Systems

Chapter 4: Nutrient Management and Pasture Fertility

Chapter 5: Pasture Renovation and Establishment

Chapter 6: Pasture Species Identification and Recommended Pasture Mixtures

Chapter 7: Pasture Biodiversity and Riparian Management

Chapter 8: Extending the Grazing Season

Chapter 9: Organic Pasture Management

Chapter 10: Drought Management on Pasture

Chapter 11: Animal Health on Pasture


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